CP1 and CP2 Counter Top Water Filters

The Counter Top Water Filters Combines the latest water filtration technologies into a simply to install and easy to carry unit.The Unit can treat up to 10 000 Lt of Municipal Water.This well designed unit quickly and effectively delivers clean water to you and saves you time and money,that would otherwise be spent on buying bottled water.

Technical Specifications:
* Stage 1: 5u/1u Pleated washable sediment filter.Removes all sediment or particles larger than 5u/1u.
* Stage 2: GAC/KDF filter for removal of all harmfull chlorine and any other bad taste & odor.Also removes certain heavy metals.


CP1 Counter-Top Filer CP2 Counter-Top Filer
CP1: R210 (including filters) CP2: R296 (including fiters)

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