Food Garbage Disposer

Food Garbage Disposer:

Garbage Disposal Unit (Model:TP-685C (Power: 370Watt 50Hz 2800RPM))

Product Specifications :

Reduces Odors ( Instant disposal of your food waste )
Reduces Insect and Rodent Infestation ( No more food waste in your kitchen )
Sanitary Home & Kitchen Environment ( Makes your home a healthier place to live in. )
Scraps are ground into very fine particles (Easy to flush small bones, vegetable scraps, egg shells, )
Plumb Easy Mounting System. ( Fast and economical )
Grinding Chamber. (Corrosion proof )
Grinding Mechanism ( Stainless steel grind ring and turntable. )
Overload Protector. ( Prevents motor overheating.
Anti-jam Impellers ( Swing away from potential jams.)
Energy Efficient motor. ( High RPM, Permanent magnetic motor.)


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