Commercial Reverse Osmosis

TIP: It is strongly recommended that an automatic back-washable sand filter, G.A.C. filter and a water softener is installed inline before any Commercial R.O system.

Commerical Reverse Osmosis:

CL 300- 600 (1100 Lt/Day – 2200 Lt/Day)

CL 300 - Front View Standard Features: TFC Membranes. Three pre-filtration stages (5u Sediment removal G.A.C Carbon1u Sediment removal). High & Low pressure gauges. Product & reject flow meters. High & Low pressure cut-off switch with solenoid valves. High flow booster pump. Water quality monitor.






CL 1500 – 3000 (5500 Lt/Day – 11000 Lt/Day)

CL 1500 Reverse Osmosis Unit - Front Automatic LCD mini computer with water flush and backwash.Drain Water Flow Meter.Pure Water Flow Meter.Inlet Water Pressure Gauge.Operation Pressure Gauge.Inlet Water Pressure Protection Switch(Run Dry Protection).20″ GAC Filter. 20″ 5 micron sediment filter.Booster Pump.Return Water Control Valve.Solenoid Valve For Inlet Water.Solenoid Valve For Auto Flush.
Pressure control valve.4040 Membrane Housing(Stainless Steel)

Standard Features
TFC Membranes
3 x Pre-filter stages
High & Low pressure gauges
Product & reject flow metersIntergrated membrane cleaning
High & Low pressure cut-off switch with solenoid valve
High flow booster pump
Water quality monitor
Warning lights.



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